Research agenda for analysing online climate and weather information in the process of vacation planning

New study:
Marchiori E., Scaglione M., Schegg R., Cantoni L. (2018) Research Agenda for Analysing Online Climate and Weather Information in the Process of Vacation Planning, e-Review of Tourism Research (eRTR), 9:1-5.

This research note aims at setting the research agenda for analyzing climate and weather information available online in the process of vacation planning (PVP). Tourists are more and more flexible and opportunistic in their process of vacation planning, with an increasing willingness to change plans also while they are already at destination. In this context, climate and weather conditions can be among the causes that affect the PVP. Tourists can be exposed to weather and forecast information published online not only by professional services but also on social media. However, the effect of such information in the PVP is still under research. This research note identified several type of digital data needed for research on climate and weather data, the related information process and their potential data sources. In particular, three research agenda are discussed, namely: data modelling of online weather-related data and touristic flows; online representation of weather and climate information; and the role of online weather data on PVP.