A workshop on Including ICTs in a Tourism Education Program at @TartuUniversity Pärnu College, Estonia

Just back from a two days workshop with colleagues from Tartu University, Pärnu College (Estonia) on how to include ICTs in their Tourism Program.
I have shared how the course “eTourism Tech Lab” that I am currently teaching at USI is structured. In particular, it has been discussed the contents/pedagogical goals/credits/evaluation procedure/skills required for lecturers and students for:
– developing a practical course on hands-on experiences on eTourism
– developing a more theory-based course focused on Tourism Online Communication and Promotion
– developing a research applied project with the tourism industry. For this point, it was great collaborating with VisitParnu in defining a possible project that students from the Pärnu College can do with them.

An academic insight on how to include a specific eTourism app (e.g. Augumented Reality) in a tourism education program can be found here.


ps. I have visited Parnu and Tallin: just wow! Here a couple of pics: